Technical & Scientific Consultancy services:- 

 Technical & Scientific consultancy refer to any advice, consultancy, or scientific or technical assistance

 rendered in any manner, either directly or indirectly, by a scientist or a technocraft or any science or

 technology institution or organization, to any person, in one or more disciplines of science or technology.

 Suvidha Parking Solutions Pvt.  Ltd. is a  Management, scientific, and technical consulting firms influence how businesses, governments, and institutions

 make decisions. Often working behind the scenes, these firms offer technical expertise, information, contacts, and tools that clients cannot provide

 themselves. They then work with their clients to provide a service or solve a problem.

 Goods and services. Usually, one of the resources that consulting firms provide to clients is expertise—in the form of knowledge, experience, special

 skills, or creativity; another resource is time or personnel that the client cannot spare.