Semi Automated Parking Management System:-

Semi-automated Parking Management System is designed with the advance feature of automated parking system as well as operate through remote in

 case of system failure. This system is basically designed for small application having the full security control for the vehicle movement.

Semi-automated Parking Management System have the following modules:

1)- Casual TIcket Module:-

  • There is an entry booth for issuing ticket by cashier.
  • E-Ticket will be printed by Thermal Printer.

2)- Paper Pass Card Module:-

  • Barrier will be automatically Up and Down through the touch of 'Paper Pass Card' on Sensor at the time of Vehicle Entry and Exit.

3)-Vehicle Image Capture Module:-

  • Video Camera captures the image at the time of vehicle entry and exit in backend.
  • Application Software shows the both images (entry and exit time) on monitor and cashier compares both the images. If both images are same then cashier allow to go out the vehicle.