Fully Automated Parking Management System With Tag:-

1.    SPS-FAS-2013 Model Fully Automated Parking Management System is based on a set of non-contact intelligent card,

 to  distinguish the authority of car entering and exiting by reading IC or ID card, combined image comparison management,

 character, voice prompt, universal inquiring, print and many other advanced technology to be a multimedia management

 system car charges at the same time. It is the  certificate for car entering and exiting parking lot.

2.     This system can be applied to one-IN and one-OUT car parking system as well as the mode for multi IN and

 OUT,  the database stored in SQLServer 2005 backend server, It not only has the unique  powerful data management

 function of the network database,but also can offer the user more humanized interface which is easy to use, the users can

 check  the car's in and out information,charge information and all kinds of statistics charts in any terminal devices, can also

 print and output by any scope, any order,any specification. the report form used the hyper text,it will be convenient to

 convert the storage.

3.     Induction IC / ID card car parking management system conbined IC / ID card as the  certificate of car in and out parking

 lot, the image comparison function to monitor the in and out cars in the parking lot, and the process in and out cars

 information by the  stable communication and powerful  database software.

4.    This system combined the IC / ID card recognition and the high speed vedio image storage, to cope with and distinguish

 by the computer images, it prevent to stealling cars, guaranteed the fairness and rationality of the charges, acheived

 all-around. Car management. it is of wise choice for the real estate management department to modernise and intelligentize

 the parking lot management, and to avoid traffic jam and the leak of charges.

5.  This system have the advance feature of RFID UHF Tag module. It reads the Tag in their inductive area and check the

 validity & balance amount sufficient in Tag with Database Server and allow to Open and Close the Boom Barrier Gate. 

Main Components of System

 Entry Station:                                                              Exit Station:

1. Entrance Controller                                                                           1. Exit Controller

a:- Entrance Case                                                                                  a:- Exit Case

b:- Main Control Board                                                                           b:- Main Control Board

c:-IC / ID Card Reader                                                                           c:- IC / ID Card Reader

d:- English Displayer                                                                              d:- English Displayer

e:-Automatic E-ticket Printer                                                                  e:- Customer Parking Fee Receipt Printer

f:- Special Linear Power Supply                                                             f:- Special Linear Power Supply

g:- Intercom Extension                                                                           g:- Intercom Extension

h:- PLC                                                                                                   h:- PLC

i:- I/O Controller                                                                                      i:- I/O Controller


2. Entry Boom Barrier Gate                                                                 2. Exit Boom Barrier Gate

a:-Automatic Boom Barrier                                                                     a:-Automatic Boom Barrier

b:-Induction Coil                                                                                      b:-Induction Coil

c:-Vehicle Detector                                                                                  c:-Vehicle Detector

d:-Vehicle Signal Indicator                                                                      d:-Vehicle Signal Indicator 

3. Colour Video Capture Camera                                                        3. Colour Video Capture Camera

4. RFID UHF Tag                                                                                   4. RFID UHF Tag

5.  Parking Management Application Software